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Baillieston House, Berriedale Ave, Baillieston, Glasgow G69, UK

Amanda Brewster Sewell, Portrait of Florida Scott-Maxwell (née Pier) , ca. 1910Florida Pier MacChesney Scott-Maxwell (September 14, 1883 - March 6, 1979) was a playwright, author and psychologist. A Jungian analyst she was a lifelong friend of Alyse Gregory and Faith Oliver Powys. A friend from childhood of Gregory, Florida Scott-Maxwell lived at Exeter, and though they met infrequently, they corresponded and every evening, spoke to each other on the telephone.

Florida Pier was born in Orange Park, Florida, the daughter of Robert MacChesney and Anna Pier. She was educated at home until the age of ten.[1] She grew up in Pittsburgh, then moved to New York City at age 15 to become an actress. In 1910 she married John Maxwell Scott-Maxwell and moved to her husband's native Scotland, and lived in Baillieston House, 6 miles east of Glasgow, where she worked for women's suffrage and as a playwright.[1].

They had four children: sons Stephen, Peter and Denis, and a daughter Hilary. The couple divorced in 1929 and she moved to London. In 1933 she studied Jungian psychology under Carl Jung and practised as an analytical psychologist in both England and Scotland. Her most famous book is The Measure of My Days (1968).[1]

Scott-Maxwell died in Exeter, England on 6 March 1979.[2]

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