Queer Places:
Columbia University (Ivy League), 116th St and Broadway, New York, NY 10027
Central Cemetery Orient, Suffolk County, New York, USA

Florence Elizabeth House was born in Samakov, Bulgaria, May 13, 1875. She is the sister of Grace Bigelow House and Ruth Eleanor House. She traveled extensively in Europe prior to coming to be educated in America. Besides living in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece, she toured England, France, Germany, and Austria. She went to Teacher's College in New York in 1896, graduating in 1899. She then returned to Greece doing private school work until 1901. She returned to the United States and taught elementary school in Englewood, New Jersey. In 1913 she became Supervisor of Elementary Fine & Industrial Arts in Englewood. She attended the school of Phil. And Arts at Columbia University in 1909 and earned her BS from Teachers College at Columbia University in 1915. She then taught as an assistant instructor, instructor, and lecturer in Fine and Industrial Art Education at Teachers College at Columbia University. She retired in 1940, but stayed on as a part time lecturer and instructor. It was her friendship with Eva Lutz Butler that brought together her niece, Jacqueline Williams and Eva's son, Sewall Butler, who married in 1943. Florence never married. On her retirement she moved back to Orient, Long Island, NY, where her family had always maintained a home. She died November 3, 1957. She is buried in Orient.

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