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Eugene David Glynn (February 25, 1926 - May 15, 2007), M.D., was a psychiatrist and art critic.

He was the son of Isidore Glynn and Tillie Sheinbaum, and was born in Passaic, NJ. He was raised by his stepmother, Frieda Helman.

A WWII Naval veteran, he attended college and medical school at NYU. He devoted his life to public health in New York, counseling patients, supervising psychiatric care and training social workers. He was the Director of Clinical Services at the Youth Counseling League and a consulting psychiatrist for the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services.

Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, NYU, New York City

Dr. Glynn had an abiding love for the arts. His writings on psychoanalysis and art were published in Art News and The Print Collector's Newsletter. His description of Adrian Stokes reads like a self-portrait: ''the passion for art, the intensity of concern, the almost raw hyperactive quality of a sensibility that threatens at times to engulf all else -the nature is a 19th century one determined to order itself by the 20th century's monumental new view, psychoanalysis.''

He was survived by his partner of fifty years, Maurice Sendak. He died on May 15, 2007, of lung cancer. He was 81.[1]

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