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Estelle Jussim (Author of Stopping Time)Dr. Estelle Jussim (1928 - March 1, 2004) was a Simmons College professor and distinguished historian of photography. Her Slave to Beauty: The Eccentric Life and Controversial Career of F. Holland Day, Photographer, Publisher, Æesthete (1981) won the New-York Historical Society’s prize for a work in the history of photography. She was author of over a dozen other books of photographs and essays. The daughter of photographers, she received a doctorate in library science and began her teaching career in 1967.

Estelle Jussim was the daughter of photographer Boris Ossipovich and Manya Aaronovna, Dr. Jussim was born and raised in Manhattan. She graduated from Queens College before receiving her doctorate of library sciences from Columbia University in the late 1960s. A dedicated professor, Dr. Jussim began her career in 1967 at Hampshire College, where she taught history of communications. In 1972, Dr. Jussim began at Simmons College, where she taught courses on the history of photography, rare books, and graphic arts, until her retirement in 1992. She was named a professor emeritus of the Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science. Dr. Jussim, who was known for her unconventional writings on the social impact of photography, wrote numerous books about photography and famous photographers, such as Barbara Crane, Gerry Liebling, F. Holland Day, and Carl Charenza. Dr. Jussim also received an award for distinguished achievement in the history of photography from the New York Photographic Historical Society in 1974. "Photography is a means of communication," Dr. Jussim wrote in a 1989 Washington Post article. "What is conveyed in a photograph is so complex, so involved in cultural assumptions, so much a reflection of societal ideologies, that it should seem obvious that aesthetics is only part of the experience." A skilled public speaker, Dr. Jussim lectured all over the country at such venues as The Museum of Ottowa, the College of Santa Fe, Smith College, and Amon Carter Museum in Texas. Her impressive collection of pre-Columbian sculpture and her collection of original photographs of notable photographers were recently donated to the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum.

Dr. Jussim and her longtime partner, Elizabeth Lindquist-Cock, had a passion for traveling, touring such countries as Italy, England, Spain, and Russia. In her spare time, Dr. Jussim was a voracious reader and was a dedicated supporter of animal rights.

Estelle Jussim died on March 1, 2004, at Holyoke Hospital after a long illness. She was 76.

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