Partner Elisabeth Sara Clasina de Swart

Queer Places:
Villa De Hoeve, Drift 14, Laren
't Binnenhuis, Raadhuisstraat 47-50, 1016 DG Amsterdam, Netherlands
Casa Surya, Via Ceselle, 15, 80071 Anacapri NA

Emilia Maria Francisca (Emilie) van Kerckhoff (Zwolle, January 26, 1867 - Blaricum, October 24, 1960) was a Dutch artist, watercolorist and illustrator.

Van Kerckhoff was born in Zwolle in 1867 to Mr. Henricus Emilius Carolus of Kerckhoff, judge, and Emilia Antonia Henrica van Dooren. She was trained as a visual artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. In 1898 she settled with her partner, the sculptor Saar de Swart, in Laren. Both committed themselves as artistic collaborators to 't Binnenhuis. At the end of 1901 they and some other artists left this art studio out of discontent.[1] In 1918 they left for Capri, Italy, where they lived and worked for many years. Van Kerckhoff made trips to various North African and Asian countries. She incorporated her impressions into drawings and illustrations and included them in the publications she published. In this way she gave a picture of everyday life in Java, Bali, Japan, India and Egypt.[2] In addition, she also drew and painted flowers, birds and butterflies. After the death of her life partner Saar de Swart in 1951 she returned to the Netherlands in 1954. She died in October 1960 at the age of 93 in her hometown of Blaricum.

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