Queer Places:
2220 N Kedzie Blvd, Chicago, IL 60647
2636 N Lakeview Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
Graceland Cemetery Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA

Elsa "Bob" Koop (October 23, 1888 - August 2, 1968) was a Chicago activist. The "Chicago group" was comprised of young women from affluent families who shared an interest in the arts.' Jane Heap met Florence Reynolds through Marie Blanke's "Chicago group," a circle of friends which included Esther Blanke, Florence Reynolds, Elsa Koop, and Olive Garnet. In 1922 Koop was in Paris with Marie Blanke.

Koop was the daughter of Julius and Gretchen Koop. They lived at 2220 North Kedzie Boulevard, Chicago. Elsa Koop was a graduate of Wicker Park School in 1903 and later attended Downer College, Milwaukee. In 1915 she was one of the 4 suffraggist part of the Midnight Squad, preaching suffrage gospel to all-night workers in the munition factories. With her sister Margaret and Margaret Torrison, daughter of Judge Oscar M. Torrison, Elsa Koop, campaigned in New Jersey in 1915 in the cause of woman suffrage.

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