Queer Places:
San Marcos Cemetery San Marcos, Hays County, Texas, USA

Eloise G. Agnew (June 6, 1907 – March 5, 1995) was the Galena High School librarian. According to Ray Hill: “Miss Agnew was a club-footed old maid. One day I came in. She had wrapped a book in a brown paper sack with a rubber band around it. “Raymond, I want you to read this. I got this especially for you.” It was a collection of Walt Whitman’s more suggestive poems. When I got home, I realized I needed it. Of course, not another word was ever said.”

Eloise G. Agnew was the daughter of Robert Flower Agnew (1883–1943) and Maude Casey (1885–1963) of San Marcos, Texas. She was a graduate of the Teachers college, and obtained a M.A. degree at the Texas State University. In the 1940s she was the librarian in the Galena Park High School.

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