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Edward John Trelawny (13 November 1792 – 13 August 1881) was a British biographer, novelist and adventurer who is best known for his friendship with the Romantic poets Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron. Trelawny was born in England to a family of modest income but extensive ancestral history. Though his father became wealthy while he was a child, Edward had an antagonistic relationship with him. After an unhappy childhood, he was sent away to a school. He was assigned as a volunteer in the Royal Navy shortly before he turned thirteen.

Trelawny became friends with several artists and writers, including Algernon Charles Swinburne, Joseph Boehm, Edward Lear, and Richard Edgcumb.[165][166] He became a friend of Dante Gabriel Rossetti as he was working on a new edition of Shelley's poems.[166] In 1844 Robert Browning met with Trelawny in Italy.[167]

Trelawny Jane Williams in 1872. Williams was the only close friend of Percy Shelley to outlive Trelawny.[192] In August 1881 he suffered a fall while out on a walk. He was bedridden and died two weeks later.[193] His ashes were buried in Rome in a plot of ground adjacent to Percy Bysshe Shelley's grave. He had purchased this plot in 1822 at the time he had arranged for Shelley's ashes to be reburied in a more suitable site within the Protestant Cemetery.[182] At his request his grave marker bears a quote from Shelley's poem "Epitaph".[194]

Edward John Trelawney by W. E. West

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