Queer Places:
726 St. Peter Street, New Orleans

Daniel Sweeney Leyrer (May 3, 1898 - 1978) established a photography business in New Orleans that spanned almost sixty years. Leyrer was the principal photographer for the Vieux Carre Survey. He shared a studio at 726 St. Peter Street with photographer Joseph Woodson "Pops" Whitesell. Richard Koch was an accomplished photographer and has left a trail of architectural images in archives around the city. His principal collection of 5,000 film negatives, some prints, 1915-1965, is in the Southeastern Architectural Archive. Leyrer did Koch's printing. Leyrer's principal collection is at The Historic New Orleans Collection.

Daniel S. Leyrer was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on 3 May 1898 to Edward Smith Leyrer (1873 - 1944) and Mary Catherine Scanlon (born 1872). Daniel Sweeney Leyrer married Mildred Virgin Brossette (1915 - 2007). He passed away on 1978 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

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