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Carl Natelli (May 16, 1913 - November 12, 2008) was a photographer whose work was published in both gay and bodybuilding magazines. Some of his best work was done with the bodybuilder Edmund Pinnell around 1958.

Carl Natelli was born May 16, 1913, in Seattle to Anthony and Barbara Mayo Natelli. He was the seventh of twelve siblings (four boys and eight girls); he attended Mt. Virgin Elementary, and graduated from Franklin High School in 1932. He was drawn to the performing arts in high school, and participated in skits, plays and comedy routines. After graduating, he pursued his passion for music by singing in the St. James Cathedral choir under the direction of Dr. Palmer, whom he greatly admired. During WWII he played the organ at the cathedral, and eventually became well respected in the pipe organ community. During the 1970's he helped design, build and pay for the Balcom and Vaughan organ at St. Edwards church where he played for ten years. For many years he has served as a respected advisor and inspiration to the music department at St. James. Besides music, Carl's other passions included Asian Art and photography. He photographed and processed his own prints professionally until the early 1980's. Carl was an avid reader who enjoyed history, politics, art and religion, and participated in the Great Books discussion program during the 1980's. He was gifted with an almost photographic memory as well as perfect pitch, and could well be described as a dapper artistic gentleman who could passionately contribute to any conversation.

In 1977 he retired from the Railroad as a traffic analyst, a job he approached with consummate professionalism.

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