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Paul Richard "Bo" Huston (June 10, 1959 – May 24, 1993)[1] was an American writer.[2]

Born Paul Richard Huston on June 10, 1959, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, he attended Hampshire College in Massachusetts, and spent the best part of the 1980s exploring the New York scene. He marched in the first March on Washington, DC, in 1979 and took great joy in the outlaw aspect of gay culture. He was briefly a film student at New York University, but withdrew from the program and worked in typesetting.[2]

Moving to San Francisco in 1987, he took a typesetting job with an advertising agency and met his longterm partner Dan Carmell,[2] but left the advertising job in 1988 after being diagnosed HIV-positive and devoted the remainder of his life to writing.[2]

His diagnosis with HIV disease in early 1988 stimulated him to work and love and fight AIDS at a ferocious pace. He tried several experimental AIDS treatments as well as conventional therapies. With great skill, he explored the phenomenos of AIDS in his writings and fought its effects in his spiritual life, achieving great serenity, and acceptance, which aided him (and those near him) in his final illness.

He was a regular columnist for the San Francisco Bay Times,[2] was a cofounder of the LGBT literary conference Out/Write,[2] and published his first short story collection Horse and Other Stories in 1990.[2] He followed up with the novels Remember Me in 1991[3] and Dream Life in 1992.[4]

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He died of AIDS in 1993.[2] One further collection of short stories, The Listener, was posthumously published in 1993.[5]

He was a three-time Lambda Literary Award nominee, garnering nods for Gay Debut Fiction at the 3rd Lambda Literary Awards in 1991 for Horse and Other Stories,[6] for Gay Fiction at the 5th Lambda Literary Awards in 1993 for Dream Life,[7] and for Gay Fiction at the 6th Lambda Literary Awards in 1994 for The Listener.[8] The Listener also won the Gregory Kolovakos Award for AIDS Literature.[9]

After Huston's death, Carmell and lesbian writer Dorothy Allison coparented a child together.[10]

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