Partner Buzz Miller

Queer Places:
Columbia University (Ivy League), 116th St and Broadway, New York, NY 10027
The Fralin, 155 Rugby Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22904

Alan Pierson Groh (May 13, 1923 - 1996) was the long-time director of the famed Stable Gallery in New York City before becoming director at the A.M. Sachs Gallery. In 1957 he met Buzz Miller, and began a relationship that lasted for some thirty years, until his death in 1996.

He was born in Baltimore, the son of Louis Groh and Freida Meyer, and grew up in Clay Bank, VA. He had a B.A. in History, and attended University of Virginia and Columbia University. Alan Groh started as Eleanor Ward's assistant at Stable Gallery in 1956 and was eventually named gallery director. Later he became director of A. M. Sachs Gallery fro 1972 to 1979. Groh was the one who discovered Andy Warhol in 1962 and Robert Indiana, always in 1962.

In 1999, The Fralin was given an exceptional collection composed primarily of work by many of the leading mid-twentieth-century American artists. Given by Buzz Miller in honor of his partner Alan Groh, the collection is now known as the Alan Groh-Buzz Miller Collection. Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Marisol Escobar, Joseph Cornell, Joan Mitchell, Isamu Noguchi, among many others are represented in this collection that at once transformed the museum’s holdings. Many of the artists represented were friends of Miller and Groh.

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