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Adon Lacroix aka Donna Lecoeur (July 20, 1887 – April 15, 1975) was a Belgian anarchist poet and Impressionist & Modern artist. She was the companion of sculptor Adolf Wolff, with whom she had a daughter, Esther, and later of Man Ray, with whom she lived at Ridgefield Colony (Naumann). In 1915 she published “A Book of Divers Writings”, designed and published by Man Ray.

Portrait of Donna (Adon Lacroix), 1913, by Man Ray

She was the daughter of a wealthy Belgian manufacturer, the last of fourteen children. She married Man Ray in 1914, separated in 1919 (in the 1920 census she results living in New York City with Man Ray and cartoonist Richard Boix), and formally divorced in 1937.[18]

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