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Curtain Call Theater (now Encore Dinner Theatre), 690 El Camino Real, Tustin, CA 92780

Brian John Shucker (May 29, 1958 - April 12, 1991) with his partner William "Bill" Sawyer (March 28, 1953 - August 12, 1991) were the authors of the musical Babes, a 1940s-style musical that opened in Los Angeles just before their deaths due to AIDS complications.

Sawyer was from Camas, Washington.[1]

In 1980 Shucker worked at Curtain Call Theater in Tustin, California where he met Sawyer, who became his collaborator and companion. Sawyer wrote the book for Babes.[2][1]

In winter 1990 the first run of Babes opened at the Cast Theater, and it ran for 15 weeks.[3]

Sawyer who was completing their second full musical together and at Shucker's death said "I have several more years left",[3] died on August 12, 1991, exactly four months after Shucker.[2]

Shucker and Sawyer are listed side by side on the AIDS quilt project.[6]

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