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Queer Places:
Green Mountain Cemetery Boulder, Boulder County, Colorado, USA

William H. Billings (died November 27, 1913) was a teamster from Boulder. In 1898 he left his wife and sold his horses in order to runaway with Charles Edwards, a saloon entertainer who played banjo and performed acrobatics. A Denver paper reported that Billings was "not happy unless he was trailing around the streets with Edwards" and that "if his home had any charms for him, said his wife, they had fled and all on account of a banjo player." W.H. Billings and Charles Edwards were from Nederland, Colorado; when they left, they made the headline in the Denver Evening Post, "Elope From Boulder County." Mrs. Billings went to the police and complained that she was left penniless. This elopement did not come as a complete surprise, however. W.H. Billings previously told his wife that "the banjo player's society was preferable to that of some women."

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