Walter Koch – Astrodienst AstrowikiDr. Walter Albert Koch (18 September 1895 – 25 February 1970)[1] was a German astrologer who founded the Koch House System in Astrology.

He was born in Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

As a soldier in World War I , he was badly wounded on the right leg. He studied classical philology and history in Strasbourg and Tübingen. [2] After graduation in 1920 [3] he went into the civil service. From 1924 he published on astrological and esoteric topics such as the psychological and esoteric meaning of colors and gemstones. [2] In the early days of the "Third Reich" , he represented ariosophic and Nazi positions. [3] According to the "flight to England" of Rudolf Hess in May 1941, it came as part of the campaign against secret teachings and so-called occult sciences to arrest all known astrologers. [4] [5] In this context also Koch was arrested and until the war ended [6] he was in prisons and in the Dachau concentration camp internment. [2]

After the war, Koch taught at the Hohenstaufen high school in Göppingen. In 1947 he was a founding member of the German Association of Astrologers. [7] In his study of Kepler aspect of teaching, he developed the "Gestalthoroskopie" a vivid and intuitive approach to chart interpretation. Koch researched the history of astrological house systems and propagated the Koch house system named after him, which had been developed by Friedrich Zanzinger and Heinz Specht. [8th]

Also called the Birthplace House System. Tables for this system first appeared in 1971, in an English translation of the work of Walter Koch. In spite of the claims of priority and originality made for this method, it is but a simple modification of the Alchabitius System. The following charts display the two house systems for the same time and location. To better compare systems subject to distortion, a high latitude city was chosen (Stockholm, Sweden) and the time corresponds to a long ascension sign (Cancer). For clarity purposes, all the usual aspect lines, degrees and glyphs were removed.

Walter Koch was gay, and he never married. He died in Goppingen, Germany.

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