Vsevolod Buyukly (1873-1921) was a Russian pianist.

The Conservatory supplied Alexander Scriabin with a lifetime of friendships, more friends than he had ever known before. One group of intimates nicknamed him "Kitten," "Kitty" or "Pussycat" (kiska, kiski, kisynka), because of his feminine or feline ways, but it was said without malice. The most brilliant pianist of all in a special way was the ethereal and willowy Vsevolod Buyukly.

He studied with Paul Pabst and was "eccentric," a circumlocution for homosexual. Sabaneeff described him as being "of enormous queerness," and Engel said that "for all his strangeness, there was something amazing and grandiose about him ..." Legend had it, most unlikely, that he was an illegitimate son of Nikolai Rubinstein.

Belaieff published Scriabin's Third Sonata, Op. 23 in 1898 and it received its first complete performance by Vsevolod Buyukly in November 1900, in Moscow.

The special Vsevolod Buyukly prize is awarded for the best performance of Alexander Skriabin’s works.

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