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Vincent Yorke (21 May 1869 — 27 November 1957) was an English cricketer who played for Gloucestershire. He was born in Pimlico and died in Paddington.

Yorke was the son of John Reginald Yorke and Sophia Matilda de Tuyll de Serooskerken. He was a wealthy landowner and industrialist in Birmingham. He married Hon. Maud Evelyn Wyndham, daughter of the second Baron Leconfield.[1]

Yorke made a single first-class appearance for the team, during the 1898 season, against Lancashire. Batting in the middle of the order, Yorke scored 10 runs in the only innings in which he batted.

Yorke's first son was Henry Vincent Yorke, an English author under the name Henry Green, best remembered for the novels Party Going, Living and Loving.[2] Yorke's second son, Gerald, made a single first-class appearance for the team in 1925.

E. F. Benson is presumed to have been homosexual, but was intensely discreet. At Cambridge he fell in love with several fellow students, including Vincent Yorke, confiding to his diary "I feel perfectly mad about him just now...Ah, if only he knew, and yet I think he does."

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