Tommaso Zorzi ( Milan , 2 April 1995 ) is a writer and TV personality Italian and winner of the 5th edition of the Italian Big Brother, VIP edition.

Tommaso Zorzi was born in Milan to Lorenzo Zorzi and Armanda Frassinetti, both professionals. Lorenzo Zorzi is a senior manager in the advertising field, [1] while Armanda Frassinetti is a dietician in the public sector . [2] Lorenzo and Armanda Zorzi also have a daughter, Gaia Zorzi, who works in the humanitarian sector. [3] After attending high school in Italy (where he was also a schoolmate of Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker , who later became his friend), Tommaso Zorzi studied Economics and Business Management in London. [4] He came out to his family at 18. [5] He currently lives in an apartment in the center of Milan. [6]

Zorzi participated in Riccanza , Dance Dance Dance , Pechino Express and Grande Fratello VIP as a competitor. The participation in the Grande Fratello VIP version was presented by the authors of the program as Zorzi is a well-known personality in social media (1.2 million followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel, Tommy Talks , followed by 136 thousand users); the social room was introduced in the fifth edition of the program . [7] [5]

In 2018 Zorzi appears, along with others, in the music video of Dress Code , a single from the Italian band Il Pagante. [8] Also in 2018 a duet with Donatella Rettore in a version of Se mi lasci non vale . [9]

In January 2020, Zorzi hosted Adoro !, on Mediaset Play, together with Giulia Salemi . In May 2020, he published Siamo tutti bravi con i fidanzati degli altri , published by Mondadori. [10] In December 2020, the episode of the Second Life program on Real Time aired , in which Zorzi talks about his second life . It should be noted that at the time of the broadcast, Zorzi was already inside the Grande Fratello VIP house as a competitor.

Shortly before entering the Grande Fratello VIP house in September 2020, Zorzi became CEO of the House of Talent , a company he founded in which Leonardo Bongiorno, Mike Bongiorno's youngest son, also joined as a lender . [6]

#Riccanza ( MTV (Italy) , 2016) Cast
Dance Dance Dance (second edition) ( Fox Life , 2017-2018) Competitor . Eliminated in the 9th episode (semifinal).
Pechino Express (seventh edition) ( Rai 2 , 2018) Competitor . Withdrawn at the 8th episode.
Adoro! ( Mediaset Play , 2020) Conductor
Grande Fratello VIP (fifth edition) ( Canale 5 , 2020) Competitor

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