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Stichting Oude Begraafplaats Gouda, Kamperfoelielaan 27, 2803 BD Gouda, Paesi Bassi

Mathilda (Til) Brugman (16 September 1888, Amsterdam – 24 July 1958, Gouda) was a Dutch author, poet and linguist.

From 1926 to 1936 she lived in The Hague and later in Berlin with the German Dada artist Hannah Höch.[1]

In 1935 she published Scheingehacktes: Grotesken mit Zeichnungen von Hannah Höch.

In her appartement in The Hague, the music room was designed by Vilmos Huszár and supplemented with unique furniture of Gerrit Rietveld. A White Chair was designed by Gerrit Rietveld as a special commission for Til Brugman in 1923. Before Dutch Chair Designer Gerrit Rietveld painted the Red and Blue Chair, he made several mono colored ones. In the room a multi-colored end table by Gerrit Rietveld was also included.

In 1952 she received the Marianne Philips Prize and the Novels Prize (Amsterdam) for her work.

Hannah Hoch and Til Brugman, 1930s

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