Partner Hannah Höch

Queer Places:
Stichting Oude Begraafplaats Gouda, Kamperfoelielaan 27, 2803 BD Gouda, Paesi Bassi

Mathilda (Til) Brugman (16 September 1888, Amsterdam – 24 July 1958, Gouda) was a Dutch author, poet and linguist.

From 1926 to 1936 she lived in The Hague and later in Berlin with the German Dada artist Hannah Höch.[1]

In 1935 she published Scheingehacktes: Grotesken mit Zeichnungen von Hannah Höch.

In her appartement in The Hague, the music room was designed by Vilmos Huszár and supplemented with unique furniture of Gerrit Rietveld. A White Chair was designed by Gerrit Rietveld as a special commission for Til Brugman in 1923. Before Dutch Chair Designer Gerrit Rietveld painted the Red and Blue Chair, he made several mono colored ones. In the room a multi-colored end table by Gerrit Rietveld was also included.

In 1952 she received the Marianne Philips Prize and the Novels Prize (Amsterdam) for her work.