Thomas White aka Bernardo (died November 21, 1880), a prominent female impersonator in the "good old days," according to Frank Dumont, appeared as early as 1867 with Ned Davis' Olio Minstrels as Master J. Buckley.

He was with Hooley's Minstrels in Brooklyn, N. Y., two years later, playing under his own name, Thomas White.

He joined Lew Benedict's Minstrels in July, 1872, subsequently he was associated with the San Francisco Minstrels in New York in 1875; the same year he joined Hooley's Minstrels in Brooklyn, N. Y., and in 1878 was a member of Charley Morris' Minstrels. He was with Bryant's in New York, also Haverly's Minstrels.

In May, 1877, with Charley Sutton, Francis Wilson and Jimmy Mackin, he launched Mackin, Wilson, Sutton and Bernardo's Minstrels.

"Bernardo" died in Brooklyn, N. Y., November 21, 1880.

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