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Image1Ted Strong (August 6, 1910 - August 10, 1985)  founded, with his business and life partner Earl Blackwell, the Celebrity Service. As it grew, the company published an International Celebrity Register, an annual Contact Book and the daily Celebrity Bulletin, which reported on people in the arts, business, education, politics, religion, science and sports. Blackwell, who later bought Strong out, sold the business in 1985, but remained active as chairman until his death.

Ted Strong was born in Nantucket, Mass., and educated at Boston University.

In later years, Strong, a longtime resident of Palm Beach, became prominent in bridge circles. He was a close friend and frequent bridge partner of Tallulah Bankhead. "Tallulah was an established star in London (albeit a bit notorious) in a series of rather silly and light pieces years before she made such a New York sensation in the role of Regina in the excellent production of "The Little Foxes" at the Poinciana Playhouse," writes Ted Strong. "I was there opening night and dozens of other performances," he says. "Before The Little Foxes' Tallulah had also starred in several New York productions of light comedies." Strong adds: "Incidentally, the great Tallulah herself was never comfortable with that last scene. She always said it was 'too goddamned lugubrious!'. And that Bette Davis muffed it in the film, too. The role of Birdie is actor proof from start to finish."

 Strong died at his home in North Carolina, on August 10, 1985. 

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