Queer Places:
The Lexington Cemetery Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, USA

Stanley G. Rhorer (May 6, 1904 – March 7, 1929), a native of Mercer County, committed suicide in St. Louis, MO. Rhorer had been living in St. Louis as "Mrs. Green" or “Mrs. Dickburn,” and working as the landlady of a boarding house. His actual sex is discovered upon his death.

In reporting on the passing, Stanley's brother says that Stanley left home with a woman and has not been heard from since. The implication from the tone of the article is that Stanley's family either rejected him or did not wish to acknowledge him. Rhorer had several brothers and sisters living in Lexington and Fayette county. He was born near Lexington on the Lemon's Mill pike, where his father, Henry Rhorer, owned a blacksmith shop.

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