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KABLOONAS: BREAKING A MYTH: SOPHIE CRACROFT'S PORTRAIT DOESN´T BELONG HER  ANYMORESophia (Sophy) Cracroft (1816 - June 20, 1892) was the eldest daughter of Isabella Franklin and Thomas Cracroft and niece of the Arctic explorer, John Franklin. In 1836, she accompanied John Franklin and his second wife, Jane Franklin, to Van Diemen's Land [Tasmania] after Franklin had accepted the post of lieutenant governor, later returning to Britain in 1844.

Sometime prior to 1845, Cracroft began to be romantically pursued by Captain Francis Crozier, who proposed to her on two occasions. Despite her attraction to him, Cracroft rejected his proposals both times, citing her lack of desire to marry a naval explorer and Crozier's Irish heritage and humble background. When Sir John was selected to command an 1845 expedition in search of the Northwest Passage, Cracroft asked Crozier to accompany him, in order to "keep Sir John safe and ensure his judgment." After the expedition vanished, Cracroft accompanied Lady Jane in her lobbying for a rescue effort, visiting the Admiralty in November 1847 and fundraising for a private search attempt at the London Cultural Society in 1848 with the support of Charles Dickens.

After the death of John Franklin on the British Naval Northwest Passage Expedition, 1845-1848, Sophia continued to accompany Jane Franklin on her travels, visiting Alaska, the United States, Hawaii, Canada, South America, China, Japan, India and Europe. She died on 20 June 1892.

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