Sarah Wittal Caiserman (1893-1967) was a friend and supporter of Emma Goldman in Montreal. She was a homemaker active in community affairs who immigrated to Canada in 1918 from Romania, and married Hananiah Meir Caiserman (1881–1950), one of the early Canadian Jewish community professionals who had immigrated to Montreal from Romania seven years earlier. She had three daughters, Nina Caiserman Kellin (1916-1963), Ghitta Caiserman-Roth (1923-2005) e Nella Necha-Sura Laks.

Educated in the United States in liberal arts and social philosophy, Sarah Wittal met H. M. Caiserman in Montreal Labour Zionist circles sometime after 1910. After their marriage in 1919, Sarah Caiserman was active along with her husband in various socialist Zionist organizations such as the Poale Zion, the Pioneer Women's Organization of Canada, the Canadian Association for Labor Palestine and the Habonim Youth Movement. Thanks to her talent in business, she made it possible for her husband to work for many years within the Jewish community with practically no remuneration.

Wittal was a designer, entrepreneur and Labour Zionist leader, and her house became a salon for artists and writers. She was the founder of a children's wear company called Goosey Gander.

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