Queer Places:
Old Ladies Home, 450 Carey Avenue, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
New Methodist Cemetery, College St, Lima, NY 14485

Dr. Sarah J. Coe (May 2, 1843 - November 4, 1905) was born in Pavilion, Genessee County, New York, of New England parentage, her mother having been born in Connecticut and her father, Horace Coe, in Massachusetts.

She was a graduate of Genessee Wesleyan Seminary in Lima, N. Y., in 1864, after which she studied art in its various branches. For five years she was a teacher of art and modern languages in seminaries in Wisconsin and Michigan. By invitation of the art committee she and her pupils had pictures on exhibition at the Centennial in Philadelphia in 1876.

She graduated in homeopathic medicine from the University of Michigan, and after a year of hospital and dispensary work she located in Wilkes-Barre in September, 1879. She was identified with the Homeopathic Medical Society of Northern Pennsylvania and was honored by the State Society, in being made censor, chairman of bureau, and vice president. She was also State secretary of the medical department af the Queen Isabella Association in connection with the World's Fair.

Dr. Coe was very fond of travel and her last illness was induced, it is believed, by a trip she took to Alaska during the summer. The effort overtaxed her failing strength and on her return she was compelled to break her journey and recuperate at the home of a sister in Muskegon, Mich. She returned to Wilkes-Barre a few weeks before dying much the worse for her summer outing. She felt that her work was done and she had no desire to live longer.

Dr. Coe was one of the most active workers in the First M. E. Church. One feature in which she made herself especially useful was in organizing here the home department of the Sunday school, a department in which shut-in persons could keep in touch with the Sunday school by means of home study. Twenty years ago Dr. Coe was selected as the teacher of the reserve corps, and as she was a thorough bible student she filled the post most acceptably. She was the originator of the Home Missionary Society of the First Church. She was the first president of the Young Women's Christian Association and was a volunteer physician to the Old Ladies Home.

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