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Two-time Goldie winner Sandra Moran (December 20, 1968 - November 7, 2015) was a writer, a scholar, a mentor and an educator. She was known and beloved for her keen intellect, her quick wit, her engaging personality, and her willingness to teach, talk, travel, and share the best and brightest of our stories and shared histories with a broad range of audiences. Sandra’s work as an author and ambassador opened countless new channels of accessibility for readers of LGBTQ fiction. Through her writing and by her example, she adopted themes and explored ideas that illustrated the ways we are bound to each other, while revealing the historical, spiritual, and ideological differences that have conspired to keep us apart.

She worked professionally as a newspaper journalist, a political speech writer, an archaeological tour manager, and an adjunct professor of anthropology. She authored five notable and award-winning works of fiction: Letters Never Sent, Nudge, The Addendum, (a companion piece to Nudge), All We Lack and State of Grace.

Sandra Moran Pletcher lost her battle with cancer on November 7, 2015. She was born in Topeka, Kansas on December 20, 1968 to Allen and Cherie Ginter Moran. She grew up in Dover, Kansas and graduated from Mission Valley High School in 1987. Sandra held three degrees from the University of Kansas: a BS in Journalism, an MA in Public Administration and an MS in Anthropology. She worked in many fields including political speech writing, newspaper journalism, archaeological tour management, and serving as a professor of Anthropology at Johnson County Community College for14 years. She is survived by her spouse, Cheryl Pletcher.

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