Husband Richard Summerbell

Ross Fraser (born March 26) is married with author Richard Summerbell

The anniversary of our self-annealed union is December 1. That's in memory of December 1, 1978. We'd first met in October, when he came to a house party I'd organized, with friends, for the new school year's members of what was then called Gay People of UBC, in Vancouver. I noticed a remarkably attractive and intelligent boy talking to one of our resident geniuses, librarianship student Bill Richardson - later to become a CBC host and well known writer of humour. Ross Fraser, the boy was called. I was busy being a host that night, but at a later event, a downtown gay club tour for students, I danced with him. He was sure I'd ask him home, but I went into a sort of courtship mode and didn't press. So at our third social encounter, the gay club's Christmas dance, he took the initiative and invited me to his '28th Floor Apartment' (The title of the most popular song I ever released). He shocked me by ordering a cab and taking me all the way from UBC on Point Grey to the West End - what a gesture for a student! That was December 1. Then he went home and spent Christmas with his mom in Nova Scotia, and, while there, drew a pencil sketch of a beautiful young man who had a distinct, idealized resemblance to me. I'm not a visual artist, but in some way, a similar sketch of him has remained in my heart to this day.-- Richard Summerbell

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