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Rosa Braunschweig (born June 18, 1846 in New Paleschke , † November 9, 1918 in Berlin ) was a German theater actress and director .

Braunschweig, the daughter of a preacher, developed early the inclination to art, which was still nurtured, when she got to know the theater in Gdansk, where her father had moved after his retirement. In particular, it was the performances of Friederike Goßmann that made her decide to go to the stage, and since then she has not thought about how she used to want to become a deaconess.

Hermann Hendrichs examined her talent, made an extremely favorable judgment and recommended it to the dramatic teacher Adele Glaßbrenner-Peroni . After completing her education, she passed her family's title of nobility and, at 16, entered the stage in Graz for the first time. Then she worked in Gdansk, Frankfurt, Riga, Rostock, Dusseldorf, etc. as a cheerful lover, then went into the subject of conversation and first lovers, until she finally embodied in Rostock and then at the Court Theater in Coburg and Neu-Strelitz Heroinen.

In 1883 she completely renounced the stage activity and settled in Berlin as a dramatic teacher. There she took over the management of an elementary school, which she managed until at least 1902 and from which famous actors and actresses emerged.

Braunschweig has at all to show excellent results in her teaching and always advocated the principle that theoretical study of roles with practical stage training must necessarily be united. Therefore, she also took over the direction of an ensemble scriptwriting, with which she gave performances once a week in Potsdam and Spandau, and were considered in this drama, show and comedy and posse in the same way and cultivated.

Her life after 1902 is unknown.

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