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Carstairs House, Monteith House Road, Lanark ML11 8QP, UK

Robert Monteith (1812 – 31 March 1884), DL, JP, was a Scottish politician and philanthropist, Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Lanark.[1] He was part of the Cambridge Apostles.

Robert Monteith was born in Glasgow, the only son of Henry Monteith (died 1848), twice Lord Provost of Glasgow and MP for Lanark Burghs, and his first wife, Christian Cameron.[2] He was educated at Glasgow University and Trinity College, Cambridge,[3] where he was a member of the Cambridge Apostles. He converted to the Roman Catholic Church in 1846 and was a prominent Christian socialist. He married Wilhelmina Anne Mellish daughter of Joseph Mellish of Blythe, Nottinghamshire. They lived at Carstairs House. They had two children, Joseph Monteith and Mary Frances Monteith. The daughter married Francis Ernest Kerr, son of Reverend Lord Henry Francis Charles Kerr, younger son of William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lothian, and Louisa Dorothea Hope, daughter of General The Hon Sir Alexander Hope (British Army officer).

He was appointed Deputy Lieutenant for the County of Lanarkshire on 27 October 1855.[4]

On 9 February 1870 he accompanied David Urquhart to a private audience with Pope Pius IX.[5]

He died at Carstairs House on 31 March 1884.[3]

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