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Image result for Robert Gathorne-HardyRobert "Bob" Gathorne-Hardy[1] (31 July 1902 - 11 February 1973) was an English garden writer.

Robert Gathorne-Hardy was the third son of Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, 3rd Earl of Cranbrook. He was educated at Eton College and was for forty years a resident of Stanford Dingley in Berkshire.

Though he also wrote fiction (''Lacebury Manor'', ''Other Seas'') and some bibliographical works, Gathorne-Hardy is best known for his books on plants that he researched while growing in the garden or about plants that he collected in different parts of the world. He called himself an amateur gardener, but in reality was no amateur.

Gathorne-Hardy wrote about his own garden, his mother's garden, and that of his illustrator John Nash, each having their own point of view, their own distinct possibilities, and as he often said, ". . . their own snubs to give."

His brother was Edward Gathorne-Hardy, also gay, and his nephew was Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy.

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