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Richard Amory (October 18, 1927, Halfway, OR – August 1, 1981, San Jose, CA), born Richard Wallace Love, was an American writer. He obtained a bachelor's degree in sociology from Ohio State University, a M.A. in Spanish from San Francisco State University, and began an uncompleted Ph.D. in Spanish at University of California, Berkeley.[1] A high school teacher by profession, he achieved success as a novelist in the late 1960s while still a graduate student and before coming out.[2]

Amory is best known for his 1966 novel Song of the Loon: A Gay Pastoral in Five Books and an Interlude and its two sequels, Song of Aaron and Listen, the Loom Sings....[3] Variously described as "a gay American version of famous sixteenth-century Spanish pastoral novels"[4] and "a gay version of The Last of the Mohicans,"[5] Song of the Loon is now considered "one of the most important gay books of the 20th century."[6] An estimated one third of American gay men have read the novel.[7] It was adapted as an erotic film in 1970 without Amory's involvement and much to his disgust.[8]

Amory briefly partnered with fellow authors Dirk Vanden, Phil Andros, Peter Tuesday Hughes, Larry Townsend, and Douglas Dean in an attempt to found the first all-gay publishing company, which was to be called The Renaissance Group. The group was unable to secure funding for the attempt and several of its members ceased publishing shortly thereafter.[9]

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