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Fernand Legros et Réal Lessard à CannesFernand Legros (26 January 1931 – 7 April 1983) was an art dealer who, together with his lover Real Lessard (born November 15, 1939), sold the art forgeries of Elmyr de Hory. Legros occasionally accused Lessard of infidelity, although he himself slept with other men.

Réal Lessard was born November 15, 1939 in Mansonville, Canada. He led a quiet life until his eighteen years. He dreamed of traveling and becoming an artist. Soon, he felt he must go. Hitchhiking, he sets out to conquer the world. In Miami, he met his fate Fernand Legros. Unscrupulous art dealer, Legros quickly discovered the innate talent Réal Lessard painted, without knowing it, in the manner of great Fauves turn of the century. Promising a show that will never happen, Legros sold the paintings without the knowledge of the artist as authentic Dufy, Matisse, Derain, Van Dongen, Modigliani and many others. He managed to get everyone in his pocket experts, beneficiaries and even widows painters. The world was awash with raw Réal Lessard. Lessard discovered the scam but dared not speak. It will not take long for the Association of Art Dealers Americans to intervene and the affair will culminate in a trial. Real was cleared but he had to prove that thousands of paintings, from his meeting with Legros, were from his brush.

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