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Peter Elliott Seifried (December 7, 1907 - May 9, 1997) was the son of Helen Seifried. He lived with Charles Gautreau in the New York Streets area of the South End.

Through most accounts of this era are from middle-or upper-class men, there is one story about two poor men living together in the New York Streets area of the South End. Charles Gautreau, known by his drag name Thelma, shared a room with Peter Seifried, better known as May: They were so poor that there were rumors they had captured a swam in the Public Garden and were about to cook it when their landlady stopped them. From their room, it was a short walk to their favorite bar, Playland, where they were in their element. "If life was not easy, it could be glamorous with just the right touch of make-up and attitude," recalled Thelma. One night, May was arrested on suspicious of solicitation, and when she got to the station house, she was charged with armed robbery. But May had an alibi and was released though she could have been prosecuted for being in full drag.

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