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Oldway Mansion, Torquay Rd, Paignton TQ3 2TY, Regno Unito

Peter Bowman Scott-Morgan (born Peter Bowman Scott on April 19, 1958) is a British/American organizational theorist, management consultant, author, and expert on the hidden inner workings of organizations and society.

In the 1980s, he invented techniques that have since been widely applied to reveal how complex social systems behave and to highlight associated systemic risks. Since he pioneered their initial use in corporate change management, his approaches have been adopted by academics, consultants, and major organizations around the world.

Based on data collated from the application of his techniques, he has published increasingly comprehensive analyses of how the world economy and international community in reality operate and the best ways to deal with in-built problems. From 2007 he has focused exclusively on addressing global threats.

Since 1979, Scott-Morgan has lived with his partner Francis Scott-Morgan. They joined their surnames in 1991. In 1993, they formed the basis of a new US Immigration policy when they set legal precedent by getting official acknowledgment that as an unmarried couple they were entitled to unlimited independent travel to and from the US despite both being the same gender and Francis (unlike Peter) not being an executive on temporary transfer between offices. Later, retaining their British citizenship, both became naturalized US citizens.

In 2005, in parallel with other couples around the country, Francis and Peter Scott-Morgan became the very first civil partners in England, granting them the legal rights of a married couple. Nearly one hundred international guests – including four generations of their family – gathered at Oldway Mansion in Devon. Given the perceived historical significance of the event, the registration was officially witnessed by the Mayor of Torbay (Nicholas Bye) and his dignitaries. Unusually, the whole one-hour ceremony as well as the reception that followed it was attended by TV, radio and press. A newspaper journalist wrote that being present "was a privilege" and stated that although it was not the couple's original intention to take the "brave decision [to go public] with a sometimes suspicious and disapproving outside world, ... by welcoming the prying eyes of the press and TV cameras, they grasped homophobic prejudice by the throat and throttled it." The BBC television coverage described it as a "wedding service … [that] was part of English legal history" and in an interview with Scott-Morgan reported him saying: "A decade before [we met] we could have been thrown in jail for just being a couple. Now the official position is that we're equal in law. We are a couple and we should be treated as a couple. People should not pay attention to race, religion or gender – they should be looking at the love."

At 8.30am on 10 December 2014, chosen as the first in Devon to do so, Peter and Francis Scott-Morgan signed the legal document which retrospectively converted their civil partnership to a marriage. Since they had been the first civil partnership in England, they are now recorded as having the first same-sex marriage in England, even though other same-sex couples have been able to marry since 29 March 2014. The registrar told them that they are now, and legally have been since 21 December 2005, husband and husband.

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