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Peter Lake Bellinger (March 28, 1947, Honolulu, Hawaii - April 18, 2001, San Francisco, California) was a Composer and Painter. He attended San Francisco State University and a cooking school in Paris.

Peter Bellinger worked at the Mark Twain Hotel in downtown San Francisco for twelve years, starting as a bell boy and advancing to general manager. After leaving the hotel, he went back to college to study composition. Upon receiving his HIV diagnosis, he retired and began to pursue composition, and continued to write music for over ten years. He and his partner, Joe Grubb, were together for nearly twenty-three years.

Peter Bellinger died of AIDS in Honolulu at the age of 54 on April 18, 2001.

"I have been improvising and composing music since the age of thirteen. For many years my primary interest was music with a theatrical focus: musical comedy, dance and movie music. Lately I have concentrated on choral work, taped dance-performance music and music for small instrumental ensembles.

"I am, broadly speaking, a composer of melodic music, but, like most creative people, I have a pretty healthy disdain for labels. My work runs the gamut from dissonant to consonant, chromatic to diatonic. I do not abide by the rules of any particular genre. I like experimenting with new concepts in music as much as I like reinterpreting traditional forms. My aim is to entertain people, not to educate them. Above all, I believe music should be reasonably accessible." —Peter Bellinger

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