Queer Places:
New Montefiore Cemetery West Babylon, Suffolk County, New York, USA

During 1917 and 1918 Pauline H. Turkel (February 21, 1899 - April 5, 1987), a half-sister of Henry Fruchter, was Emma Goldman's secretary at the offices of Mother Earth in New York and, with Hilda Adel and M. Eleanor Fitzgerald ("Fitzi"), worked for the release of political prisoners during the Red Scare that followed. She visited Emma Goldman in Munich in 1923 and saw her again in Paris the following year, when Emma was en route from Germany to England. In after years Pauline served in the American consulate in Rome and was associated with the Provincetown Players in Greenwich Village (of which Fitzi was the manager), where she was a friend of Eugene O'Neill, Hart Crane, Djuna Barnes, and other writes. From 1937 until her retirement in 1964 she was managing editor of The Psychoanalytical Quarterly in New York. In Lucy Robins Lang's description, Pauline had "the face of Da Vinci's Madonna... surveying the world with a faint, apprehension." She died on April 5, 1987.

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