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All Saints Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum Des Plaines, Cook County, Illinois, USA

Paul Robert Goldman (February 2, 1906 - January 3, 1986) was a lawyer who had lobbied for enlightened laws on homosexuality in Illinois. He handled legal matters for thousands of gay and lesbian Chicagoans during a 56 year career. He was also a GayLife columnist.

Paul Robert Goldman was born in Freeport, Illinois, to Jacob F. and Kate Goldman.

The State College of Iowa (now UNI) Student Senate hosted a “Controversial Speakers” program to “acquaint students with 20th century problems.” In January 1967, the two Chicago speakers were Paul R. Goldman, and David Stienecker, a member of Mattachine Midwest, an organization that promoted civil rights for gays.

Goldman began representing gay clients in the era when every state criminalized gay sexual conduct and when anti-gay police harassment was common. He continued doing so through the gay civil rights and gay liberation period of the 1960s and ‘70s, on into the 1980s when increasingly strong gay community institutions are being tested by the AIDS crisis. Goldman's offices were at 134 N. LaSalle St, Chicago (moved to #100 at the time of his death).

Two of the most active and influential people in Chicago’s gay world were attorney Paul R. Goldman, founder and president of Maturity, and GayLife publisher Chuck Renslow, gay rights activist, and owner of some of the most famous gay establishments (Goldcoast, Man’s Country). The Paul R. Goldman & Chuck Renslow Fellowships aim to financing gays and lesbians to improve their communication and leadership skills and to pass them on to members of their own gay churches, synagogues, clubs, libraries, or clinics.

Paul Goldman married Alyce Julia McLaughlin and they had two children, Diane Pesce and David Goldman.

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