Image result for Patrick LoiseauPatrick Loiseau, born on June 8 , 1949 in Limoges ( Haute-Vienne ), is a French singer-songwriter, painter and photographer. He is also the long-time companion of Dave's companion, and previously was that of Anthony Perkins's .

Patrick Loiseau met Dave in 1971. The first song he writes to him is A rock on your island . But it's his adaptation of Sugar Baby Love of Les Rubettes in Trop Beaute that makes Patrick the regular songwriter of Dave, he wrote almost all the songs and drew him many record covers.

He has written for Demis Roussos , Jeane Manson , Richard Anthony , Françoise Hardy , Sylvie Vartan , Hélène Ségara , Plastic Bertrand , Guy Bonnardot and Récréation.

In the 1980s, he tried his luck as a singer. It appears in the first part of Dave 's show at the Olympia in 1982, but does not make any impression and he was described as "a mocking singer, a poor fop who seems doomed to rapid disappearance" 1 .

Patrick Loiseau was born in 1949 in Limoges . His parents divorced when he was a very young child, and he spent a first year in Toulon with his mother, before being placed in Hyères boarding house, with an old couple back in the Var countries. After her mother second marriage, he grew up in the suburbs of Paris with his young half-brother. In 1960 her mother divorced to remarry two years later, and she had another son and one daughter.

An introverted teenager, Patrick spent his free time penciling, painting, and listening to records. He became a graphic designer, stylist, poster designer. He studied at the high school Montgeron between 1964 and 1968, where he is noticed by two of his teachers, one for his talent in drawing, the other for his voice and his writing (he records À quoi rêvent les jeunes filles by Musset). In 1968 , with an average diploma, he was forced to work as a salesman by necessity, then moved to drawing by vocation, and finally lyricist by chance.

In 1974 , he became the author of Dave - Trop beau (Sugar Baby Love) , Vanina , Dansez maintenant , Du côté de chez Swann (later taken over by Calogero ), Mon cœur est malade , Est-ce par hasard ?. He had also the pleasure of being interpreted by Demis Roussos among others - Mourir auprès de mon amour - Nicoletta , Jeane Manson , Jean-Luc Lahaye , Richard Anthony , Sylvie Vartan , and by his idol of always: Françoise Hardy - Noir sur blanc .

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