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Cimetière de Thiais, 261 Route de Fontainebleau, 94320 Thiais, Francia

Prince Nicolas Ouroussoff (December 17, 1879 – April 8, 1933) was the long-time partner of Erte.

As the same Erte remembers, "During one of my sittings at Princess Eristoff-Kazak's atelier, I met Prince Nicolas Ouroussoff, a distant cousin of mine. Oddly enough, we had never met in Russia because he was thirteen years older than myself, and had already been living abroad for several years when I left home, mostly in London. His brother, Prince Serge Ouroussoff, had introduced him to a rich American woman to whom he had become engaged."

In 1925, MGM studios brought Erté and Ouroussoff from Paris to Hollywood, picking up the considerable expenses for both. When their ocean liner arrived in New York, they disembarked with fifteen steamer trunks and three assistants. Erté’s black, white and gray Monte Carlo atelier was reproduced in Culver City. He was treated like a star, installed in a hilltop house in Hollywood, given a chauffeured limousine, two bi-lingual secretaries and was interviewed by the press 200 times. MGM head Louis B. Mayer, who was known to be intolerant of homosexuals, even invited the couple to his house for dinner. Erté reported that his relationship with Mayer was always pleasant, and Mayer expressed regret when Erté asked to be let out of his contract after designing costumes for just six films.

Erte lived with Prince Nicolas Ouroussoff for close to 20 years until the Prince's premature death in 1933

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