Natalie "Natasha" Sorokin (also Sorokine; 1921–1967) was a French woman who had affairs with Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre.[3][4] In some cases, Simone de Beauvoir's rendez-vous were structured around philosophy lessons. Exasperated at having to discuss Kant before climbing into Beauvoir's bed, the student Natalie Sorokin called Beauvoir "a clock in a refrigerator."

In June 1943 Sorokin's mother complained to the school authorities that Beauvoir had led her daughter astray. Beauvoir was accused of behavior leading to the corruption of a minor and her teaching license was suspended for the rest of her life.[5] Sorokin later said her relationship with Beauvoir and Sartre came to an end when she found this relationship serving only one party.[6]

After recovering from her trauma, Sorokin started writing and worked for radio.[5] She later married Ivan Moffat, the son of the British actress and poet Iris Tree and artist and photographer Curtis Moffat.[7] Their marriage broke up at the start of the 1950s, leaving a daughter, Lorna.

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