Partner Bernard Theodoor Adolf Holtij

Queer Places:
Dintelstraat 29 I, Amsterdam
Ohlsdorfer Friedhof Ohlsdorf, Hamburg-Nord, Hamburg, Germany

Max Booleman (February 18, 1899 - March 1, 1942) was a resistance fighter. His partner was Bernard Theodoor Adolf Holtij.

Max Booleman was the son of Alexander Booleman (1873-1942) and Celina Coronel (1872-1942). He married Johanna Alexandrina Josephina Adriana Vermeulen (1896-1968). Max Booleman had two sons: Lex and Wouter.

Max Booleman

Booleman was a member of the Left Socialist Debating Club of the SDAP. As accountant for the Independent Socialist Party (OSP), founded in 1932, he was succeeded by George A. Steen. Steen was extremely critical of the way Max had done his job. Max later switched to the CPN, he became secretary for the Congress of Recognition of the Soviet Union (VVSU). Member of the main board and Standing Committee VVSU in any case in 1938 and 1939. In 1939 he was on the list of 'left / extremist persons' of the CID.

He died in Neuengamme concentration camp, arriving from Amersfoort concentration camp, where also Holtij died. His parents died in Auschwitz.

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