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Mary Donovan Hapgood (February 21, 1890 - June 24, 1973) was a Boston socialist, member of Sacco & Vanzetti Defense Committee. She married labor organizer Powers Hapgood, the nephew of Emma Goldman's friend Hutchins Hapgood.

The daughter of Dennis Donovan, an Irish immigrant interested in the Fenian movement who settled in North Brookfield, Massachusetts, Mary Donovan Hapgood attended the University of Michigan at intervals, beginning in 1906, and graduating in 1912 "with cap and bells." After teaching school for a year in Massachusetts, she became one of the representatives of the employees to the Corset Wage Board in Boston. In the 1920's she made a trip to Ireland to investigate labor conditions. By 1927 she was the representative of the Stenographers, Bookkeepers, Accountants, and Office Employees Union, A.F. of L., affiliated with the Boston Central Labor Union. At this time she also served as recording secretary for the Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Fund and was arrested at the bier of the two men.

In December of 1927 she married Powers Hapgood and both continued their activities in organizing labor unions, principally in the coal fields. Both were arrested in March of 1928 for labor agitation while attempting to raise defense funds for union officials held on murder charges.

In June Mary Donovan was nominated for the office of governor of Massachusetts by the Socialist Party. In 1935 her application to be appointed as Senior Industrial Economist was rejected by the United States Civil Service Commission. Throughout this time and later she wrote several short stories, collected material regarding the Molly Maguires, and prepared an autobiographical account.

In the thirties she with her husband and two children, Barta and Donovan, moved to Riverbrook Farm near Indianapolis, Indiana. After her husband's death in 1949 she continued to manage the family farm. In 1959 she attended the posthumous pardon of Sacco and Vanzetti wearing a death mask. She died in June of 1973 in Indianapolis.

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