Mary Ann Bell (October 26, 1802 - February 24, 1831) was the daughter of Samuel Bell and Mehitable Dana, and sister of James and Luther V. Bell. She was born in Chester, New Hampshire, on October 26, 1802. Her father, Samuel Bell (1770-1850), was the governor of New Hampshire from 1819 to1823, and her brother, Luther V. Bell (1806-1862), was the head of the McLean Asylum in Boston from 1837 to 1856. Her brother, James Bell (1804-1857) with whom she made her home for at least part of her life, was a United States senator from New Hampshire form 1855 to 1857. It is not known how she became acquainted with Mary Elizabeth Williams. She apparently never married; she died on February 24, 1831 in St. Augustine, Florida.

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