Queer Places:
Hillcrest, 700 Conestoga Rd, Berwyn, PA 19312
The Oliver H. Bair Co., Directors of Funerals, 1820 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
West Laurel Hill Cemetery, 215 Belmont Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

    Suffrage parade - Mrs. Mary Bair, Mr[s]. W. Albert Wood, and Mrs. R.S. [i.e., Richard Coke] BurlesonMary Albertson Bair (1890 - October 17, 1970) was the president of Oliver H. Bair Co., funeral directors, from 1924 to 1963.

She was the daughter of Oliver Henry Bair (1854–1923) and Mary Albertson Bair (died 1889). Mary Bair was also the vicechairman of the Annual Tour of Homes and Gardens planned by the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania for benefit of the Catherine Macfarlane Cancer Control Concept.

Mary A. Bair House – also known as Hillcrest, or the Hunter-Bair House – Conestoga Road & Cassatt Avenue, Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Built circa-1887, it is attributed to architect Allen Evans of Furness & Evans. William Drennan sold the 14-acre estate to Edmund A. W. Hunter in 1892. It was bought by funeral director Oliver Bair in 1905, and Bair's daughter occupied it until the 1950s. Situated atop a hill overlooking the Great Valley, the house originally had a 3-story front porch crowned by a dome.

Isabel Townsend Pell, a leader in the French underground during WWll, served with the French underground (Maquis) for 4 war years. Three months before the invasion of Italy, she was seized by Italian agents and interned. At the end of the War, Pell received the French Legion of Honor. Pell ashes were strewn to the four winds from either Pride's Crossing, MA or Hill Crest, Berwyn.

Eleonora Sears was the principal legatee in the Pell will; others were Anne Francine, the Philadelphia socialite who for a time was a New York cafe singer, and Mary Bair. Sears received all furniture, pictures, books, china, glass, silverware, an automobile and two diamond clips, the Resistance and Citoyen d'Honneur medals (the last two ornaments upon the recipient's death to pass along to Samuel Riker, cousin of the deceased), a diamond guard ring, and all the rest of the estate (amount not indicated). Also to Sears and to Mary Bair, equal shares in such money as I may have in the Bankers Trust Co. To Anne Francine went a gold watch, bracelet, link ring and St. Christopher medal and to Mary Bair went a gold cigaret case.

Mrs. Mary Bair, Mr. N. Albert Wood, Mrs. [Richard Coke] Burleson, Dr. & Mrs. O.J. Stevenson, 1913

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