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Maria Alekseevna Fedorova (nee Ionova ; March 28 (April 9), 1859 [1] , St. Petersburg , Russian Empire - 1934 [2] , Helsinki , Finland ) is a Russian landscape painter ; she also dealt with icon painting in the last years of her life. She had a long-term relationship with the feminist writer, lawyer and literary editor Anna Yevreinova.

Born March 28 (April 9), 1859 near St. Petersburg in the family of an accountant.

Since 1878 she studied at the drawing school of the Society for the Promotion of Arts in St. Petersburg. Since 1881 she attended the Academy of Arts as a free listener, but she did not finish the course of the Academy. [3] In 1890 she received a small, and in 1891 a large incentive medal of the Academy of Fine Arts [4] . Student of Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin . In 1892 she received the certificate of a teacher of drawing in girls' gymnasiums. She traveled a lot in Russia , visited the Volga . She took part in exhibitions of the St. Petersburg Society of Artists , the Moscow Society of Art Lovers and the Academy of Arts. In 1898, I.K. Aivazovsky sent a motion to the Council of the Academy of Arts to award her an honorary title for success in painting. After the revolution (in the early 1920s) she emigrated to Finland .

In 1923, she held joint exhibitions with Grigor Auer (1882-1967) in Vyborg and in the Strindberg salon in Helsinki . Since 1933 she was a member of the Society of Russian Artists in Finland ; exhibited her landscapes at the 1st exhibition of the Society (1933). In 1936, at one of the Society's evenings, a report by V. P. Schepansky “Russian landscape painters” was dedicated to the memory of the artist.

The most famous work - “To a bad weather”, written by Maria Alekseevna in 1891 and in the same year purchased from her by Pavel Tretyakov for his gallery [5] [6] . One of the artist’s most interesting works, “Evening,” which is stored in the Poltava Art Museum , was exhibited in Poltava at the exhibition “Inspiration of the Centuries” in January 2013. Fedorova's paintings are also in museums of Taganrog and Ryazan , in private collections in Russia and Finland.

She painted the icons of the Savior and the Mother of God for the St. Nicholas Orthodox community in Helsinki (together with her daughter - L. V. Platan), the icons of "Golgotha" and the "Shroud" for the Vyborg Orthodox community .

She had one daughter - Lyudmila V. Platan (nee Fedorova), artist (5.8.1885 St. Petersburg - 7.2.1944). She married Valdemar Platan ( Finnish. Karl Waldemar Platan ) (10.24.1890 St. Petersburg - 7.2.1944), had no children, both died during the bombing of Helsinki on February 7, 1944. [7]

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