Partner Helen Boyle

Queer Places:
Rockrose, Clayton Hill, Pyecombe, Brighton BN45 7FF, UK

Marguerite du Pre Gore Lindsay (January 26, 1890 – February 4, 1977) was Helen Boyle’s last partner. Helen Boyle was a founder of the National Council of Mental Hygiene, paying the first three years’ office expenses herself: the Council eventually formed part of the organization known today as Mind. For the last 17 years of her life Boyle lived with her companion, Marguerite du Pre Gore Lindsay, in an isolated hilltop cottage at Pyecombe outside Hove, defying further investigation of her private life (and frustrating all possible biographers) by issuing instructions that all her personal papers were to be burnt on her death.

Marguerite du Pre Gore Lindsay was born in Chester, Cheshire, England, to Charles Edward Chaloner Lindsey (1866-1956) and Alice Maude Harriet Williams (1863-1916). She had three siblings: Robert Chaloner Lindsey-Brabazon (1891-1929), Victoria Adela Lindsey (1894-1970) and Edward Alexander Brabazon Lindsey (1901-1990).

Marguerite du Pre Gore Lindsay continued to occupy Helen Boyle’s cottage until her own death in 1977. Lindsay died at Ditchling, Sussex, England.  

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