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Queer Places:
Parkstraat 73A, 2514 JG Den Haag, Netherlands

Margaret Walker (1886-1972) was an English dancer and opera singer. In London, Lili Green met Walker, with whom she got into a relationship. Green supplemented dance pieces with solo performances by the pianist, a violist, and a singer (Margaret Walker).

The free-spirited Green openly advocated her homosexuality and even wrote a one-act play about lesbianism : A conflict (1910). At the outbreak of the First World War, Lili Green settled with Margaret Walker in The Hague, where they opened the Dance Institute Lili Green and Margaret Walker on Parkstraat 73A, with the intention of bringing dance in the Netherlands to a higher level. Green revised the Pierrot and Columbine story to put Walker in the role of Pierrot and a male dancer in the role of Pantalon; the piece enchanted audiences, despite Green's somewhat perverse approach to the material (Lapidoth).

To increase revenues, Green and Walker organized well-attended 'dance teas' on weekends, where wealthy ladies could learn the art of ballroom dancing.

During this period, Green was mainly concerned with training young dancers, but also took part in the performances that her students gave - for example in 1924, when the 62nd anniversary of the university was celebrated in Groningen with an open-air play. The dance group of Green and Walker was part of the National Opera, for which she provided the ballets. In 1925, Green and Walker separated; Walker married and started her own dance studio with her husband.

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