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Margaret "Maggie" Hickey (July 15, 1868 – April 13, 1932) was the housekeeper and later companion of 47 years of ceramic artist Mary Louise McLaughlin.

McLaughlin was always quick to admit that she had an invaluable assistance from Hickey. Hickey was an Irish immigrant who joined her sister in the United States and began to work for McLaughlin around 1885. She was about 20 years old at the time. While she lacked formal education, her natural intelligence was considerable. She was soon able to assist McLaughlin in every aspect of the porcelain process. By the winter of 1898-99 she was doing all the casting of the ware and by the fall of 1901 she was also managing all the firing. At the time of Hickey's death in 1932, she was still working for McLaughlin.

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