Husband Ken O'Neill

Ken O’Neill was born in Bridgeport Connecticut to an Irish Catholic father and Romanian Orthodox mother, which means that most years he had the good fortune to Receive Easter candy not just once but twice. His debut novel, The Marrying Kind, won the 2012 Rainbow Award for best debut. It won the 2013 Independent Publisher Award Silver Medal for LGBT fiction and was a finalist for the 2013 International book award in the Gay and Lesbian fiction category. The book was also included on Smart Bitches Trashy Books list of top three favorite books of 2012. Ken lives in NYC with his husband, Marcus Edward (born July 20), and their two cats. When Ken is not checking his Amazon rating to see if anyone has purchased his book, he enjoys reading, dancing (though usually only when no one is watching) and eating dark chocolate, purely for medicinal reasons. His second novel, George Bailey Gets Saved in the End, is nearly completed. They have been together since the day they met: June 14, 1997. With the fall of DOMA they were finally able to legally marry on July 31, 2013.

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